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george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney Girlfriend
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  • OatmealRocks
    May 3, 08:21 PM
    The problem is not the size of the pic. I have large pic assigned to contact. The issue is a window pops up when someone calls which is right in the middle with the name of the person calling. I have seen other people's phone and it is on the top of the screen not a pop up window (in the middle of screen) which covers the picture.

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  • lambo32490
    Jan 15, 07:45 PM
    Will this software be available for other Macs as well?

    Like can I use the Remote Drive feature on my Mac Book Pro?

    Or will this feature just be for Mac Book Air?

    And how do they connect to your other computers? WiFi?

    I dont think it will be available for the Macbook Pro...its a feature that only the macbook air will need to use...why would it make a difference if you already have an optical drive?

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney#39;s girlfriend
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  • ChicoWeb
    Aug 28, 06:02 PM - Is where I have all my servers.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 17, 02:17 PM
    I bet he's crying for more food :eek:

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney#39;s girlfriend
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  • louis0nfire
    May 4, 04:42 PM
    only the normal files will be restored, not jailbreak stuff.

    I'm using a file viewer right now and unfortunately my backup contains a lot of files like /cydia.packages.txt and such. Is there anything out there that will let me delete specific files from a backup on my computer (OS X)?

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  • Statusnone88
    May 6, 04:04 PM
    It's happened to me as well, for a couple times. Seems like either when the iPad goes to sleep, or the iPhone goes to sleep, the link needs to be re-established by turning off/on the personal hotspot feature.

    Any idea how to avoid/fix it? Or is it another one of those "deal with it" type situations?

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  • DurkMusic
    Feb 5, 05:17 PM
    Thank you. It's a real short track and all you have to do is click the link and play the video (preview). I guess I am going to try different things and see what kind of different sounds I can come up with.

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  • eroxx
    Apr 27, 08:49 PM
    Oh my ...

    That's a "DUH" moment - can't believe I forgot about that!

    One question related to -- is there any mouse/trackpad movement/app that can "simulate" a tab-press?

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  • ZipZap
    May 3, 11:14 AM
    Not all adapters work on the MBA. I bought the gigabit adapter from mono-price and it works fine. Of course, there is always the apple adapter.

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  • Digital Hybrid
    Aug 13, 01:12 PM
    Genius! Definitely a potential winner!
    /me likes

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  • EJBasile
    Sep 26, 06:34 PM
    I sent my powerbook in for service and it came back today. The sleep light works now, but the other two problems still exist- computer NEVER sleeps unless you shut it and the AirPort signal is always at 0 or 5 bars (never 1,2,3, or 4 bars).

    I would hate to send it in again because it is too much downtime for me and it pisses me off. I am sure they just reinstalled the OS which in my experiences fixes the sleep lights for a short period of time but then the problem begins again.

    All it says on the Service Detail sheet is "Problem could not be duplicated"

    Additionally I am upset that when I opened up my powerbook there was a big black hair on the trackpad. Also, they're are now 3 new scratches on the back of my powerbook (each about 1" long).

    I've had it with apple. Seriously. I'm going to call them very soon and complain. I have already complained to them 2 times about my iPod.

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. The George Clooney#39;s
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  • ayeying
    Feb 6, 11:33 PM
    Hey there, ever since i updated to 10.6.6 and the very latest Nvidia CUDA driver update it seems that BOINC is no longer utilizing GPU.

    Before those updates i had BOINC using the GPU a lot more and the settings where same as now.

    Is the problem with BOINC and not with OS-X or CUDA updates?

    You need to reinstall or update the CUDA drivers when you do a graphics update or the 10.x.x updates.

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney#39;s girlfriend
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  • mymemory
    Jul 30, 11:12 PM
    I had to log twice (once per computer) I thought Arn didn't like me any more:( :)

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  • Vader
    Mar 15, 05:39 PM
    I can get it if I go to the main site and then type in the portfolio.html part.

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  • hellomoto4
    Mar 26, 07:13 PM
    You can probably get that to work, but you can't us Boot Camp Assistant to get you started. You will have to create a FAT32 partition in Disk Utility and then use that as a target for your Windows install.

    Which versions of Windows are supported on your Mac will depend on which Mac it is so you may want to tell us.

    The main difference between doing it this way and Boot Camp Assistant, is that BCA sets the default boot to the Windows partition, you will need to hold Alt/Option every time you boot when the Windows installer wants a reboot.


    Okay yep I understand, however will my Mac recognise the install CD when I boot to the empty Windows partition?

    Are you using VirtualBox? Or something else?

    Not currently using anything to partition, just disk utility.

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney and girlfriend
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  • mc68k
    Jun 2, 06:39 PM
    science and distributed computing only overlap in this one small part, so it may not make sense. i work at a oceanography institution and see macs getting used for science in a lot of interesting ways.

    my fear is that science topics might possibly trump the few topics that DC gets. i know MR has a lot of subforums, and 99% of visitors here would skip science posts anyways so my fear my be misplaced

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney and girlfriend
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  • ncore
    Mar 26, 10:49 PM
    I decided to pull out the old mac plus which hadn't been used in about twenty years. It turned on fine and I have all of the floppy disks required for it to run. However, when I turned on the computer the screen was very skinny and placed at the center of the screen. I couldn't find much on google except that in one instance, somebody had the same problem, and they solved it by physically washing out the hard drive in water and taking away the rust.

    Might this work?

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney and girlfriend
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  • mtnDewFTW
    Apr 17, 07:45 PM
    Welcome to MR :)

    george clooney girlfriend bikini. George Clooney and girlfriend
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  • MacBandit
    Apr 15, 04:57 PM
    Only half of my rigs have the problem, don't know why... Maybe it is unit specific.

    Excellent answer I hadn't thought of that. That's probably exactly the problem. They are probably issuing a new unit that requires the updated client. This unit is probably only issued to specific CPUs and also based on time to complete.

    Apr 26, 11:15 PM
    I own a Core2Duo 13" MBP and it can get really hot and roar like that. Is the 13" Pro a i5, i7 or Core2Duo?

    This is another factor that might get me from the 13" MBP line to to 13" MBA line :)

    Jan 15, 03:49 PM
    This ad affects both my iPad and iPhone :(

    May 3, 02:03 AM
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    Dec 13, 04:09 PM
    ProTools 100 gig in size? I don't think so - don't you mean 100 meg maybe? Also which version of PT? You might want to post this over in the DUC.

    I would like to post it in the DUC but i do not know what that is. BUt yes Pro tools LE 8 took up 100 gig's until i deleted it. It included the files for the one project i was working on. Yes i mean 100GB.

    Mar 2, 05:47 PM
    You could use something like Audio Hijack, or if you're desperate, Virtual PC plus dMC (